How it started. Taking our first steps.

Kew The Transition was created after a public assembly was called in Kew to think about how the community could be cleaner and greener.

The people who came along to that first meeting realised that the Transition movement offered a platform with compatible values that would give us the support we needed to promote, fund and increase the number of projects that promote climate resiliency and build partnerships with our neighbours.

We applied for funding for our first project – creating wildflower mini-meadows – got to work, and the rest is history (or will be!).

We have grown organically since 2020, through pop-up projects and online meetings to take us through COVID-19. We welcome involvement from anyone and everyone who is interested in meeting the challenges we will soon face because of peak oil and global warming – or who just enjoys working together with others in the community to bring forward a positive vision for the future.

We’d love for you to join our group, bringing any enthusiasm, skills or support you can. Find us at any of the links below or email for more information.